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Smart Card

All eServices related to ID card have been provided to facilitate and saves effort for the citizen.


Statistics is considered the basis for any decision taken. From here, our commitment to provide you with statistics based on international standards

Information Technology

Information Technology directorate provides all the government eServices that facilitate government performance, save time and effort of the citizen

Our Vision

Highest Standard of Living for Citizens through Comprehensive, Secure, Accurate and Timely Information and Services

Children below 4 years

Issue ID card for children below 4 years

Appointment service

Booking Appointment for ID card Issuance or renewal or replacement

Newborn distinctive ID

Choosing distinctive ID Number for new born baby.

Replace lost/Damaged Card

Replace lost/Damaged ID Card for Bahraini and non Bahraini

Domestic workers

Issue ID card for Domestic workers

Renew your ID card

Renew ID card for Bahraini and non Bahraini